Stay Cozy with Shimmer Powder background

Happy New Year pretty people!
I hope you have the year you deserve!

Whatever you put out there this year, I hope it makes it back to you 100 fold!

My personal goals are to manage my time better and dive deep into the world of video producing. I work full time and have a houseful of people that need me as much as I need them. But I also realize I want to catapult my card making skills to the next level.
Since I am a visual learner, I like to enrich my skills by watching others make beautiful cards. I have purchased a professional grade video producer and I will let you know if it works if that is something you are interested to do as well.

Here is my first video for the year 2020. I am playing with different speed settings and caption headings, so bear with me as I learn as I go. I appreciate your honest feedback and welcome constructive critique. Leave a comment here or on my YouTube channel. I can only get better if I know what to fix.

Have a fabulous weekend and I hope you will check out this stamp set from Unity Stamp Company, Warm and Cozy. I think it’s on sale as well!!

Stay warm!